Coatis…love their antics!

If you have been to a resort in Mexico, my guess is that you have come across this animal that looks like a cross between a raccoon and small pig.  These little creatures have no fear!  I’ll be sitting poolside, put my sandwich down, and the next thing I know a coati will sneak up and steal my sandwich.  Leave your beach bag open, and they will stick their pig-like snout in your bag looking for a treat.  You can shoo them away, but that’s only a temporary solution…they are persistent!

You’ll be advised not to feed them…but it is hard to resist!  They are so cute and really so friendly!  I read somewhere that there are certain areas that coatis are domesticated.  But should you refrain from feeding them, they will find food left alone or garbage cans overflowing…providing a small feast!

Some people at the resort get very annoyed by their presence.  You have it all wrong…to me, they add to the experience!

While at the Riu Tequila, we were joined daily by these beautiful animals.  The older coatis, seemingly with graying hair, were prominent during the day.  Heck, they have probably seen it all and are very comfortable around people.  But at night is when the fun began.  Baby coatis joined their mothers…venturing off from her side, only to quickly run back to the comfort of the mother.  Some would play amongst the other coatis, others would search for food.

My step-daughter kneeled down and two coatis came to her and actually allowed her to pet them.  It was dark, and I’m not the best photographer, the image is too dark to capture the moment she experienced, but these creatures were so friendly.  The picture I took of the coati was in the tree right outside our room.  I’m not sure if he was watching me enjoy my scotch or trying to figure out how to join me.

All in all, we probably did everything against he advice of the resort staff…definitely the petting part…but three years later, we still talk most about the coatis from the trip.


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